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The one thing every parent has to give their children, is time. Talk with them about things that interest them, encourage them to do their best, find out what they are good at and be excited about these things, ask their opinion and be enthusiastic about learning together. The messages you give your children about school are really important, be positive about learning and support them through challenges. Check out the areas of Reading, Writing and Numeracy below to find out how you can help your child at home and as always, if you have any concerns contact your child's teacher.  


Check out Ministry of Education supporting parents, whanua and communities. 

Build life long readers
Download Reading at home help here

Make reading a quiet special time together without interruption. 

  • Read different books together and read often

  • Talk and read books in the language you speak at home

  • Visit a library together to find a ‘favourite’ book

  • Read aloud to your child

  • Sing songs and waiata, say poems and rhymes together

  • Talk about the pictures in a book

  • Encourage your child to retell their favourite stories – from books or from their own experiences


Useful Links

BBC Bitesized

Sunshine Online

Storynory - free audio stories

National Geographic Explorer Articles

Starfall - Learning phonics and Letter sounds

Into the Book - reading comprehension

Speakaboos - free online stories, games and more

Letters and Sounds


Download Writing at home ideas here

If your child can't say it, they will not be able to write it. Therefore it is important to do lots of talking before writing. Talk about what they already know, introduce new ideas and new vocabulary.  Then before the child starts the actual writing talk about what they are going to write – what ideas they are going to use; what words; sentence beginnings; how writing will be sequenced; create a word bank together so they have ready access to correctly spelt words.


Useful Links

Story Starters by Scholastic

Story Bird - Artful story telling

Word Central 

Spelling City



A great way of prompting writing is to design your own creatues of objects and then write - check out these interactive writing prompts.


Make your own robot                              Switcheroo zoo

Create a car                                               Build your wildself



One way to support maths learning is to notice the maths all around us.

This can be as easy as noticing the odd and even numbers on letterboxes or looking for different shapes when we’re shopping like cubes, cylinders or spheres.We all use numbers and measurement in our everyday lives, and it’s important to share this with our children, ask them to read the time or measure ingredients. 


You can also play fun card or dice games and solve maths problems together and remember to ask them how they worked it out. 


Useful Links


NZ Maths - Help at home



Basic Facts

Top Marks Maths 

Maths Centre

Count me in too




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