Henderson Valley strive to be leaders of environmental education and as such we are innovative and motivated about developing a school community which thinks and acts sustainably. All our classes are involved in several enviro-action projects which you can read about in detail below. 


In 2010, Henderson Valley School was awarded Green Gold status as an Enviro School. This was a wonderful achievement and was a result of lots of hard work over the last few years.   

We have also won the Sustainable Schools category at the ARC Sustainable Environment Awards.  This followed on from success in 2009 at the Ecowise community awards where we won the Puriri Award for the best school grounds and the Rata Award for the caretaker who is making a difference to the school environment. We continue to be acknowledged for being leaders in Education for Sustainability.



think sustainably - check out our enviroblog for the latest


The Green Team

These students know the importance of being part of an enviroschool. They lead the school and the local community by sharing and continuing to develop their knowledge of all things sustainable. The Green Team action projects like the Native ID trail, are involved in community weeding and planting at the Opanuka Stream and they grow, harvest and prepare food from their edible garden. 




The goat group look after the goats in every way. They trim hooves, feed them and educate other students about caring for goats. 


Every year a classroom takes responsibility for looking after our chickens with support of our school community. Our free range eggs can be found in cooking creations around school.






We are proud to be a travelwise school and support the goals of reducing car travel and carbon emmissions by encouraging children to walk or bike to school. We also teach our students how to be safe on the footpaths and roads. 



A group of senior students regularly test the water quality at the Opanuka Stream close to Henderson Valley School. The data can be found at the Wai Care.






Our students are encouraged to bring litter free lunchboxes and our organic waste is composted or worm farmed. The compost and worm tea is used in our school gardens and orchard.

Our school’s commitment to reuse, reduce and recycle means that we send only “one bag a week” to landfill. Most households produce more waste per week than the 400 students and staff at Henderson Valley School. 


Back in 2009 the Green Team put into action planting an area of native trees in a trail. This area is now thriving, as students continue to plant and maintain this area. You can scan the QR codes along the native trail to find out more, or check out the Native ID trail blog. 





The Orchard was developed and planted by our school. A class manages everything from composting, pruning, harvesting and safeguarding the orchard. The fruit is enjoyed by the school community.








We grow vegetables in our gardens and our students learn about the life cycle of plants and learn about all aspects of effectively producing edible food. All our produce is used for cooking in our classrooms and we sell our signature chutneys. 


The Butterfly garden is looked after by classes to grow swan plants to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly, offering real life, hands on learning experiences.

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