At Henderson Valley School we aim to increase student achievement and engagement in writing using IT integrated learning experiences such as blogging. Students in years 3-6 have individual blogs which can be viewed through our team portals. Blogging allows student’s work to become accessible, editable and responded to in real time, providing an authentic writing experience. Benefits of using a blog as part of the classroom programme include the promotion of critical and analytical thinking, increased access and exposure to quality content and learned social interaction within an online community with peers.


Through the process of blogging, your child’s work will be globally accessible. As such, Henderson Valley has measures in place to provide monitoring and protection for our students. As part of our cybersafety policy, class teachers review and then moderate all comments, posts or outside interaction, being submitted to a student’s blog, accepting only those deemed appropriate and of value to learning.


Henderson Valley students also have responsibilities regarding their own cybersafety and how they use their blogs. Students and teachers have discussed the Henderson Valley CyberSafety user agreement and your child has signed it to acknowledge this.


We will continue to support students to become Super Digital Citizens by teaching cybersafety and all it entails throughout the year. We focus on 4 key areas, Privacy Rules, My Online Community, The Key to Keywords and Cyberbullying. We hope that students will become aware of their digital footprint and what impact it has, given their responsibilities as members of the Henderson Valley School online community.


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Cybersafety and Security Advice for New Zealand

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